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000831....Handsome Vintage Revolving Bookcase ( sold )

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Handsome Vintage Revolving Bookcase

This vintage revolving bookcase is a great piece of furniture that can add charm and functionality to any room.

It is a bookcase that can rotate on its base, allowing easy access to books from all sides.

It also saves space and creates a focal point in the decor.

A figured walnut top is a beautiful feature that showcases the natural grain and pattern of the wood.

It adds elegance and warmth to the bookcase, making it stand out from ordinary ones.

A lovely bookcase that will add character and charm to any room !

Condition report:

“In Good Sturdy Condition And Ready For Use”

Height 84.0 cm

Width 46.0 cm

Depth 46.0 cm


Tel. Barry 07527199257