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000730....Handsome Antique Faded Mahogany Bookcase With Cupboard Beneath

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Victorian Faded Mahogany Bookcase with Cupboard Below, a timeless piece that marries functionality with elegance.

This exquisite bookcase is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a testament to the craftsmanship of the Victorian era.

Crafted from high-quality mahogany veneers, this bookcase has gracefully aged, showcasing a faded finish that adds a touch of vintage charm to any room.

The rich, warm tones of the mahogany wood are beautifully complemented by the intricate detailing, a hallmark of Victorian design.

The bookcase features 3 height adjustable shelves, perfect for displaying your favorite books, collectibles, or decorative items.

The sturdy construction ensures that your items are securely held, while the glazed door enables viewing of the contents.

Below the shelves, you’ll find a generous cupboard. This additional storage space is ideal for stowing away items you’d like to keep out of sight, yet easily accessible.

The cupboard door boasts the same exquisite detailing as the rest of the piece, maintaining a cohesive and elegant design.

Whether you’re a fan of Victorian design, a book lover in need of storage, or simply someone who appreciates fine furniture, this Victorian faded mahogany bookcase with cupboard below is a must-have.

It’s not just a bookcase, it’s a piece of history that you can own.

Experience the blend of style, history, and functionality with this stunning piece. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make this beautiful bookcase yours !

Working locks on both bookcase and cupboard. with single key that fits both.

Condition report:

“In Good Sturdy Condition And Ready For Use”

Additional dimensions information:

Height 175.0 cm

Width 61.0 cm

Depth 49.0 cm

Bookcase Shelves = 49 Wide x 20 Deep Cupboard Shelves = Bottom 53 Wide x 42 Deep x 37 High Top 53 Wide x 42 Deep x 19 High


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